First entry ever

I am not very professional to keep development log, but first time for everything. I am indie game developer, developing games and hoping them to succeed so that I could make living out of it. Tbh it has been hard. Very hard.

About the game, its a game which I have been thinking to make for a few times already. No being able to commit on it. Now I am doing it for real, and trying to make it as fun to play as possible. Game has at the moment working title "Dwarfs Life".

Its a game where everything just happens, and you just watch, almost. You can affect to game run such way that you answer, if you wish to meet "stranger" or "known person", or not. You dont know what they have in mind until you meet them. Then it can be already too late, maybe there is only bad choises you can choose or not. If you want to live your life on safe side you meet no-one.

You are born, and after that things just start happen. You find 1-3 skills (or hobbies) which may help you on the way. Not all of them do. Around age 50 to 60 you select profession, which makes you more serious money. Money has very little usages at the moment.

Things to do (still):

  • more consequences, some events just stop with **TODO** tags
  • more events, there is over 25 events already, but I feel they are not enough, events do vary even if they are same events, but still more variation is needed
  • I probably need to purcase more images, that is my weak point. I am not very good at graphics, well nor with the music. Never tried to do music.
  • lot of other things.

I noticed that I dont have proper plan on paper. It's "all" in my head. Probably not. This is not very good way to make things happen. On last game (Brigade 72) I have proper list things to do, bugs to hunt, action points to close.

Here is a video of the current development, well maybe 2-3 days old.

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